Since the rise of technology the past few years, almost anyone can download design software on his or her computer. Here are a few things to remember when you design logos:


5. Use bold lines.

Use bold lines in your logo so when your logo is used in small applications, your lines don't disappear or become to faint to be seen.


4. Use thick typefaces.

People access websites via mobile phones 90% of the time. It is imperative that your logo be readable when it's an inch or smaller. Serif or san-serif fonts are acceptable to use, but ensue the characters are thick.


3. Use contrasting colors.

Black and white is the most contrasting color combination, so start out in black and white first then experiment with appropriate hues related to the subject of your logo.


2. Use space wisely.

Ensure there is enough space in between your letters and any surround design elements. This is important so when the logo is really small it can still be read with in 3 seconds.


1. Use a seasoned professional.

Your nephew or moonlighting friend might be free or cheap, but remember, you get what you pay for. A seasoned professional with years of experience will have knowledge to ensure you have a logo that is appropriate for your brand. You will also get all file formats. A vector file is the file you need that will be reproducible on anything with out losing any information - it can be very small or large and still print the same.

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